Lighting, water turbidity and the mood of the fish when you take the photo can all have an effect on how much colour is picked up by the camera. Oh, and there is that interesting fact that are like 70-plus recognized species in the genus Betta! December 2013 Some of the most enduring fantasies in our hobby are the way we perceive certain fishes are "comfortable" being kept. A better way? I don't have any available at the moment as my pair were a recent purchase and their fry are much too small to even think about selling for at least another 4-6 months. May 2014 What happens if you keep betta fish below 78 degrees Fahrenheit? Hardly practical for inventory/control purposes, I suppose! Thanks Eric. Yup that’s correct bettas are territorial and aggressive but it does not mean that you should keep the poor fish alone. Bettas can live along with other fishes but do the research and if your betta gets angry to any other fish separate them as quickly as possible, These tips are for first-timers. Because when bettas get nervous they hide. Don’t kill the water flow just slow it down. Here's everything you need to know about tea tannins, including their … If one Betta dies they will buy a new one. Before starting this 10 Care Tips To Know Before Getting A Betta Fish I would like to talk about the biggest problem related to betta fish. Furthermore, I've always found tea-coloured water aesthetically pleasing, much as tannins seem to be maligned in this hobby. April 2014 March 2016 Bettas remain happy and active in this atmosphere. The first aid kit and triage post on Ultimate Bettas also details important care all sick fish need. To decorate the aquariums for betta fish. Everyone has different experiences with their own betta fishes. Keep exploring. Now, the "pet shops" part is a bit of a challenge; however, at least these people have some skills and passion for animals. November 2013 These molecules make the water softer and lower the pH. You are probably going to have to wait until they come in again. Not only would this address the correct way to keep these fish, it could also prove to be a good "sales vehicle" for aquariums and related equipment and accessories, right? Because it is not compulsory that every betta has the same nature and temperament with that being said in my research the most successful tank mates with bettas are. Second thing is that try to add live plant bettas like them. So the first thing you should do is to get filtered tanks or if you have a tank you should. answer #2. I have talked about the atmosphere to keep bettas in my Best Pet Fishes article check it out. March 2013 It is a good idea to have a betta medicine kit on hand in case of illness. Otherwise, in my peat moss 'stocking balls', I just used it straight from the bag as the peat was contained and after a little while they sunk to the bottom of the tank. Tannins are not whatsoever harmful to fish, you should boil the driftwood for two hours in a pot, and give it a good scrub to get loose pieces off. Thanks Ashlea, sorry I should have been more specific, I'm from Australia aswell in Townsville Queensland. August 2015 Bettas are tropical fishes that’s why the best temperature for your betta fish would be 78 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. It acts as a mild antiseptic, lowers the pH, and contains beneficial tannins. is lunacy. Learning or applying new things about fishes that you may have taken for granted for years  is not only humbling- it's fascinating, enjoyable, and makes you realize just how awesome the aquarium hobby really is! Oh, and the fact that male bettas can and do beat the shit out of each other when kept in aquariums together has helped make the "cup thing" as a "standard", if not "preferred" method to keep them in many retail situations. Recently I have purchased fish food on an amazingly cheap price than the market from amazon check it out. If the water is crazy dark, a 50% water change will clear it up. When we understand the wild habitat of the fishes we keep, we can strive to at least replicate them on some levels, right? OH, and are the tannins good for fish? But it does not mean that they don’t need care at all you just buy a betta and keep it in your bowl and feed them that’s enough. So stick between 78 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Thanks :). Required fields are marked *. Also, they give water a color resembling the nature which also provides bettas a more homely atmosphere. What they do is … That’s just BS. 6 years ago. Most likely, a "fancy" variety, purchased in a little cup, and then unceremoniously added to a little bowl somewhere. Keep sharing! That was not the point...However, I think such a presentation can create a discussion on this stuff, right? May 2013 Based on my experiences, tannins from peat moss seem to give water a darker tint than those produced by IALs, which tend to be more yellow or orange depending on the concentration.