On arriving at the Lighthouse of the Father of Ajax, you’ll find that your waypoint leads you to some large urns. This quest can be found at the Tomb of Leonidas in Sparta, Lakonia. This quest can be found in Outside of the Porphyrion Cave in Tavern Point, Mykonos Island. This quest requires level 34 and will reward you with Olympic Belt, Drachmae and XP. If that sounds like as bad a time as it tends to be, you’ll be glad to hear that the Birds of a Feather quest unlocks at an appropriate time. This quest requires level 49. Next, head to the Temple of Poseidon that is on a small island north of Samos Island. He asks that you kill a woman. Rewards: Rare XP, Rare Drachmae, Alkibiades's Axe (Rare Heavy Bladed). The quest requires level 16 and rewards you with Heitor’s Buskins, drachmae and Xp. Xenia’s Birds of a Feather quest is one that could easily trip players up, so here’s a step by step guide to tackling it. Kill the 2 soldiers on the rooftop. This quest can be found in Temple of Artemis in Sacred Lands of Apollo, Phokis. Search the cave to find the stash which will complete the quest. Enter the camp and you will find the side quest item sitting on an altar. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey features tons of extra content and these side quests are a part of that. In this quest, find and hunt the Hind of Keryneia in a marsh in southern Artemision Point, Euboea island, and return the pelt to Daphnae. In this quest, you have to find a man who is taking bets on the Olympics. Designated Rider. In this quest, Odessa will need some herbs and a mixture for her sick father. In this quest, the freed prisoner needs your help and needs to reach the ship safely. This sends you to a competition where you must kill all the contenders of the battle. With the three gifts placed, find Iris at the marker. These side quests range from saving people to looting treasure to collecting bear scrotums. This quest can be found in Kythera Town in Pilgrim Hill, Kythera island. Now Demosthenes wants you to join and win the battle at Lakonia. This quest requires level 18. This quest can be found in the Chalkis City in Dirfi Foothills. You will find 2 civilians here along with Peisirrhodos, and to interact with the anonymous love letter and Pindar’s poem. Make your way around the upper ledges, killing any guards you can find, before interacting with the hanging body in the middle of the quarry. This quest requires level 15. In the central building will be two targets that you have to kill to complete the quest. RELATED: Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey – 10 Reasons Why Kassandra Is Better Than Alexios. You can tell the truth but if you want some fun with ... 2. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Completing the quest will give you acultist. Mark the enemies in the area, as well as entrances to Zakros’s underground cave on the east and west side. He is being held in the Mt. This quest can be found at the Statue of Athena in Greater Athens, Attika. The required level for this side quest is 24. You will be rewarded with gold, XP and access to her second side quest. This quest can be found in Forgotten Ruins of Makris in Eretria, Euboea. Next talk to the Greek soldier. Return to the slave master and tell him whether she is dead or not. His love for competitive gaming started with Counter Strike and Call of Duty. They are the ones having double yellow lines around their level marker so they can be seen easily. This side quest is located in Lakonia in Sparta. How you convince him to do this is up to you. In this quest you are asked by Alkibiades to retrieve a few items for his wedding and to take them to his bride to be. This quest can be found at Melos in Black Crescent, Melos Island. In this quest, you must return to the doctor and kill the 2 guards. This side quest is located in Kephallonia Islands in Mount Ainos. He says the wedding is soon and he needs you to … The quest requires level 27 and will reward you with Wine-Making Boots, and drachmae. If you choose to kill the rebel, you must chase him down and your bounty will increase. Answer Diodoros and Bardas will threaten to have him killed. If you drink, during the time it takes the guards to recover you can start your escape or get a head start on your attack. Handle with Care. He wants everyone to kill some Athenian Polemarchs all over the map. Otherwise, you must complete The Thaletas Way first. You have three choices you can make to answer. The workshop will be well guarded once you reach the location, but you can sneak in to talk to the thief. The big stags are easiest to spot because of their antlers. The cast in the package was his and the hedonist will naturally proposition you. To get to the romance scene, you need to say that you’re similar to Kyra, and that you both have a “complicated past”. Infiltrate on the west side of the fort and silently dispatch anyone in your path and stash the bodies. Tell him that you're getting tired of his deceits. Kill the wolves in the area and collect the plants that grow next to the creek. If you complete Place in the Kosmos, the second Eritha quest becomes available. This quest requires level 15, and rewards you with Athenian Tunic, drachmae and high XP. Kyra with a Cause will then end, and you’ll get another quest: “Bleeding Hearts and Stolen Money”. When you’re done, return to Kyra, and during your conversation say: “Spend some time with you” when prompted. This quest can be found in Lavrio in Silver Mountain, Attika. Head over to the Agora of Athens and note the pair of soldiers that guard the target building. This quest requires level 35, and rewards you with Athena’s Spear, high drachmae and Xp. Move around back to find the three exotic wines protected by three guards. Alkibiades is under her sultry spell and she is going to exploit it and she doesn't care if you tell him of her intentions. Kill the two bears first. Discover the unfolding of these events, Reward: Alkibiades’s Axe + 239 Drachmas + 8977Xp. Agree to the delivery and make your way to the well-defended fort. In this quest you have to return to the Chalkis Farm and talk to the farmer you saved previously. Alkibiades asked Alexios to deliver a small package to a man named Bardas at the Korinthian military fort. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The man wants you to help a competitor in a javelin competition who has lost his confidence. Talk to him to move on to the next quest. Now you need to the head to the next marker, which will take you to Autolykos’s house. After all, while some like to complete every optional objective and find every secret just for the sake of 100% completion, others will pick and choose the quests with the best rewards. Head northeast to find and talk to the thief at the Destroyed House of Oinomaos in Valley of Olympia. The first thing you’ll want to know is exactly what this quest is, so here’s a quick introduction. He needs a favor. You will be rewarded with XP, gold and the next side quest. This unlocks a few Kythera quests. She says that she is fleeing an abusive husband and that Alkibiades has no ulterior motive. Return to Thaletas after you are done. Alkibiades will have another side mission marker in Attika. You are given the option to choose “Neleus needs tough love” or “Try a gentle approach” when talking to Barnabas and Mikkos. Once you reach the house, proceed to killing the smuggler, and return to the couple where Dagger thugs will be threatening the couple. Now you must face Euthymos, during the fight a few more students will show up. The level requirement for this side quest is 14. Next, move the two shelving units out of the way of the exit and return to Eppie, who remains at the start of the cave.