Speedometer cable will be cut and needs to be replaced in every service. The Honda Activa continues to lead two-wheeler sales with nearly 14 lakh scooters sold in the first six months of the current financial year. Value for Money. The top-spec model of the Activa 5G gets a digital-analogue instrument console that includes an analogue speedometer and digital readouts like odometer, tripmeter, fuel gauge, clock, service reminder and ECO indicator. Suspension is good if the scooter goes into pothole or something, but one shall not drive so rough that suspension gets weaken, the suspension is good. And over all best in every department , I bought Activa 5G during new launch.Since then these are all sequential problem exists in my scooter and canot solved by any of the service centers I visited in RR nagar Bangalore 1.Abnormal sound in clutch transmission during running ,My body is absorbing those vibrations and service team done overhauling and it gives better comfort only 3 days again the problem repeats.2.Faluty Horn from Day 1.service technician fix the problem by mechanical adjustment the.problem repeats after 15 days..3.Steel frame of tail lamps are broken.weld quality is not good.4.Starting problem :Need atleast 50 kicks to start if the scooter is rest off for 1-2Days.Horrible experience with this scooter. The Deluxe version will set you back by Rs 57,799 (both ex-showroom, prices). 5 free service are there in every 3 months I had buy the scooter from Punjab Honda, 3,500 to 4000kms or the end of the 3rd month of purchase. In comparison bike is superior in terms of comfort performance and handling, but scooters like activa are easy to drive because they have cvt gearbox, it's automatic and easy to drive some scooters like Grazia are as comfortable as some bikes because the suspension is really soft in Grazia , some scooters like dio are as good as some bikes in terms of handling because it's very lightweight and the suspension is stiffly setup for better handling and acceleration, some scooters like tvs ntorq are wizadry in scooters because because it's has a acceleration of Aprilia sr125, handling of Honda dio and comfort of Honda grazia, and some scooters are far superior to bikes atleast some bikes and it is Aprilia sr150, awesome acceleration superb handling but lacks comfort, it's upto you to decide what you need same is the case with bikes there are lots of bikes for different purposes tvs apache 160 for sports city commuting, 2004v for superior handling and acceleration, pulsur 150 for sports commuting, Honda hornet for stylish commuting Suzuki gixxer as well, every bike and scooter has something unique and different to offer you have to choose according to your needs, well If was to suggest which scooter is best for value and all round perfomance then I would say tvs ntorq is the best option if you need for comfort only then Honda grazia or activa, in bikes it's hard to say, मेरे पास टीवीएस जुपिटर है जो दिसंबर 2016 को लिया था। मुझे महीना में चार बार पटना तो मोतिहारी जो कि 150 km के लगभग है। मै अभी के पेट्रोल के रेट से 160 का तेल लेता हूं। और आराम से मोतिहारी , केसरिया पहुंच जाता हूं। और स्कूटी के मामले में जुपिटर का माइलेज बहुत ही बढ़िया है। अभी तक मेरी स्कूटी 26000 km chal chuki hai।, मेरे पास टीवीएस जुपिटर है जो दिसंबर 2016 को लिया था। मुझे महीना में चार बार पटना तो मोतिहारी जो कि 150 km के लगभग है जाना होता है। मै अभी के पेट्रोल के रेट से 160 का तेल लेता हूं। और आराम से मोतिहारी , केसरिया पहुंच जाता हूं। और स्कूटी के मामले में जुपिटर का माइलेज बहुत ही बढ़िया है। अभी तक मेरी स्कूटी 26000 km chal chuki hai। Ishi se आप अंदाजा लगा लो कि माइलेज क्या मिल रही है। किन्तु मैं अपने स्कूटी का रेगुलर engine oil change aur servicing karata huein.

All prices, ex-showroom Delhi. HOW CAN CLUTCH BECOME PROBLEM ON VERY NEXT DAY OR JUST DRIVING OF 148 KMS (WHEN I QM OFFICIALLY RAISING THE COMPLIANT IT IS 148 KMS).VERY VERY SAD AND BAD EXPERIENCE WITH THE REPUTED AUTOMOBILE MANUFACTURER, Descent two wheeler it power is good in mid-range eg(20to60) after that there is no use to accelerate your engine then the voice will come and it not have instant pick. There are as many as 10 colour options to choose from - yellow, brown, grey, black, silver, white, red, blue, and the two newly launched ones. Activa 5g launched in India with an on-road price of Rs. The base-spec variant, on the other hand, comes with an all-analogue instrument console.

The engine is mated to a CVT transmission. I am.....Read More, Activa is the best scooter. The mileage figures are astonishingly different despite my same driving behavior. The underseat storage capacity of 18 litres is enough to fit in a half face helmet or other small items. Starting problem.automatically getting off while going somewhere. Because it's "Honda" I gave you this much bigger review now the choice is your's, Dull to ride (poor pick up); tough on back (poor suspension); costly spares & Good resale value (because it is a Honda), It's a 110cc scooter so, pick up would be obviously less compared to bigger engine displacement scooters / bikes. Jupiter is All over is the winner of All the Criteria you put it in ..as of it's best milage in real world i got was 50 kmpl, It's suspensions are far more better than any of the same scooter in its class and it's combined with 12" tyres which helps alot like seriously Alot on bad or straight roads making Jupiter's Handling Very Easy and Stress free comparing to what Activa Offers, Maintaining a Jupiter or Activa is some how very same with minor differences still After free services go for a Local but Experienced Mechanic cuz then you can have your Scooter serviced before your very eyes and Value for money is Jupiter according to me ..i reasearched every aspect and took test drives bak to back and lastly Jupiter was my choice over the No1. But if your running is more, you need to refuel it again and again as fuel tank is 5.2 ltrs i think. Other features include Automatic Headlamp On (AHO), mobile charging socket, a front hook and a rear retractable hook.