Make sure that you have your ISP login details to hand which consist of your username and your login password. Getting line stats from the Modem when in Bridged Mode. Thanks to chrysalis for his suggestions on this tutorial, || Broadband || ISPs || Tech || Routers || Site || Wiki || Forum || It is specifically aimed at the ZyXEL VMG8324-10A, but can be adapted for any other FTTC modem/router. Se puoi dimostrarci che hai acquistato il prodotto negli ultimi due anni, ti preghiamo di fornirci una copia della fattura. Copyright © Looks like in your case it does not. Verifica di aver digitato correttamente il numero di serie e riprova. Purtroppo, non siamo riusciti a verificare lo stato di garanzia del tuo dispositivo. Both devices will need to have a different IP address but still be in the same subnet. -> Community -> Wiki -> Tutorials (Basic and advanced configuration tasks for your router) -> Access To Modem Configuration, Re: Access to modem combo while in bridge mode. Per ulteriori informazioni controllare. For the sake of this tutorial, Bridged Mode is when one device acts as the DSL modem and performs the connection and synchronisation to the exchange, whilst a second device acts as router connecting to your ISP on the WAN side and controlling access to your local (home) network. Depending on the model, some allow you access while in bypass/bridge mode, some do not. The 2nd device will be acting as the router and as such will be the one where you configure such things as wi-fi, DNS and ISP login. Tutte le attività LAN richieste vengono eseguite dal Gateway collegato al dispositivo VMG, come Firewall o il sistema backbone WLAN. WAN Interfaces used: PTM type > VDSL/ppp1.1 On the ZyXel device VMG8924-B10A, I need to configure the router in bridge mode, with no DHCP enable, and change the gateway default address from / 24 to / 24. When running the Zyxel in bridge mode, the VMG8324-B10A will be on the WAN side of your home network so what do we do if we want full access to our line stats? It has a BCM63168 DSL chipset that seems to be performing favorably on most lines and some may wish to use the router as a modem only with another router in a different location to increase wireless coverage. Unfortunately, we could not verify the warranty status of your device. Il routing e le attività Firewall non vengono eseguite dal dispositivo, come le funzioni WLAN e DHCP sono disabilitate. For devices, purchased in North America, please submit a support request to US support team. Acquista i nostri NUOVI servizi a valore aggiunto, il software client VPN o le licenze Nebula con 1 solo clic, If you are looking for RMA, please register yourself to our support portal or login, since we only offer RMA to our registered customers. Please note that we can only offer callbacks in English language at the moment! A solution is to use two ethernet cables. Question regarding ISP dedicated static IPs and routers. [modem/router] How to access 6100G's interface while connected? Apri un browser Internet e vai all'indirizzo web I am trying to get to Zyxel VMG3925-B10B in Bridge/Modem Only mode from LAN driven by Mikrotik router.