I’m tired of hearing people throw out excuses about how they don’t have time, because of work. I tried so hard to stick with someone else’s workout schedule with the hopes of becoming as ‘impressive’ as that person is. And don’t give up! Look, gaining muscle is actually a pretty simple task. At that point, switch to cutting until you get back to 10-12%. Just a few decades ago, bizarre contraptions that looked more like torture... Have you ever woken up on a Monday morning after a big weekend of drinking and poor food choices, feeling bad and sorry for... Have you ever wanted to do something new–like play a new sport, buy a new dress, take a new class, or travel to a new... Are you a trainer and want to get more exposure by listing here? Don’t get me wrong, researching advice on YouTube and blogs is important, but what is the point if you are not going to engage with what you’ve learned? Beingnatty … We didn't know what an ectomorph was. They are the same focal points in my “Skinny Guy’s Guide to Explosive Muscle Gains Revealed” titled Bony to Brawny and are the same keys that have allowed my clients to see similar results. Final score: 84 points. Prove yourself you can, you will, before trying to impress others. And I started understanding what my body was telling me. This blog explains how I went from skinny to bulky in 6 months, and mainly my psychological preparation before engaging in my transformation. It’s your turn! I know some folks who never exercise, and no they’re not obese or anorexic, they’re healthy looking individuals, and they live perfectly. If you truly don’t have time, and wish to be more active and fit, you’re doing something wrong. You do have plenty of time, but you don’t have the will or attitude required yet. I don’t have much muscle on my upper body and look somewhat skinny. One workout down, 47 to go. Naturally, my metabolism is fast, so eating 3 big meals a day wasn’t doing much. #6 4.5 Month Body Transformation. ... 1.5 Year Transformation. So start by having proper expectations: don’t try to “Put on 50 pounds” by the week or month. My legs are huge and make my body look really dispoportionate. Get stronger and you will get more muscular, that’s it. I tried to find ways to make it better, ways to achieve the optimum potential of my body’s fitness. If that works for them, good for them. My point is that if it works for others, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. Today, I am impressed. A positive attitude and a strong drive to prove yourself you can get better, will become your fuel. To understand, I had to gather the info, get out there and engage, experiment with that info. This blog explains how I went from skinny to bulky in 6 months, and mainly my psychological preparation before engaging in my transformation.. I engaged and went on, no distractions. © 2012-2016 Trainerize - TSR Gym Technik Ltd. Trainerize.me will get you more exposure to recruit more clients. I saw the Rocky 6-set movies in two days because I was so pumped up with working out and kicking ass! Be Obsessed. Let us handle sending you traffic and you can focus on training your clients. In addition, Trainerize also helps you train your clients online, track progress and send meal plans seamlessly. Countless hours watching YouTube videos and reading bodybuilding.com blogs for days, months, years even before I started truly engaging. Because someone else’s routine worked best for that guy’s body, not mine. There is no standardized routines on the internet that will work best for you. I proved myself I could. I don’t see them complain or give out pathetic excuses and feel bad about the fact they don’t have time. POST. It took me 5 years to actually physically drop the bullshit, and get out there and experiment. 5 years ago, I decided to stop being skinny. And down the road, people’s appreciation of your success will catalyze your will to get stronger even more. Regardless, weight lifting can only work in your favour. Even if you’re looking to build muscle and gain weight for skinny guys still in their mid teen ages – lifting heavy weights will increase the amount of anabolic hormones produced and result in more muscle cells as their body keep developing, limited of course by genetic cap. Allocate more time for yourself, invest time and energy for your body and mind’s sake. I’m training my body, and I’m the only one who knows what and how to improve my body, from engaging with it every day. Last year, I actually engaged in that decision. Once I did, it took me half a year to achieve my goal. And for that, I had to improvise, construct my own routine. Get ready for that. You will hear people say: “Holy! If you don’t care about getting fit, that’s fine with me. 1. Exactly! Going from skinny to bulky, then finally shredded. Because I prioritized and stopped complaining. Follow a simple six-month workout plan to get ripped and build muscle. What was tough though, was finding out what really suited my body’s needs. Six months is enough time to really pack on muscle and gain strength while losing fat. We are all too unique. I’m Repaired! Max Roma. During each lean bulk you should be gaining 5-8 pounds of muscle. Get out there and experiment! Not a complete waste of time because it made me understand what I needed, from experimenting first hand.